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Default gamma 6400 vs neos 1000

Hi, forgive me if this post is in the wrong place. I wanted an active thread
even though this topic had been explored.

I really lean toward the simplicity of the Neos. less moving parts and therefore less to break. clamps are cheaper But.... ive been considering a second hand Gamma, so service issues would be of concern.

So ..... here's a point that hasn't been up for discussion. Is the "diablo" on the crank of the gamma 6400 a superior design on the gamma ? I think the neos does not have this.

Would this be an overiding reason to choose the Gamma. I will only be stringing for myself and this will be my first stringing experience, but im quite sure
mechanically i can handle either bc i have long experience in fixing things that quit or wear out ( except myself)

thanks in advance

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