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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
I'm not sure, honestly I think it could directly have to do with his poor European record since his normal tactics haven't really worked at Inter nor City in Europe, even in two tries at Europa league we didn't even get as far as Hughes did with a far weaker squad. With quite a few available managers who have good Champions league pedigree (Pep the most notable) it's important that at the very least the performances improve or he could find himself being replaced in the same manner he was at Inter,.

I agree that changing centre backs every week has affected Kompany as Lescott and Nastasic are completely different types of defenders, perhaps trying to find what works best before the difficult run of fixtures coming up (Spuds/Chelsea/Everton/United)
His poor record in Europe could well be the reason he's doing it. The 5 at the back works well for Napoli and Juventus, but the top teams who challenge for the Champions League every year all do it with a flat back 4. You pointed out the problems he's had in Europe with Inter and City, it seems to me like he's looking in the wrong places to find a fix.

In Serie A it is extremely tactical, teams seem to play with a different formation every week, depending on their opponents. I suppose he's a product of that. Ancelotti was the same in some ways, we had the diamond, the Christmas tree, the 4-3-3, the flat 4-4-2, the 4-2-3-1 etc.. Ranieri with his "tinkerman" tactics was the same.

Sometimes you can change things too much, no wonder the players are uncomfortable. If they aren't totally sure what they're doing they second guess themselves and make poor decisions.
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