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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Don't think money is the issue. DB could go to USTA HP for free or go the college route for free training. Donaldson the better ball striker. He is competing against men with a boy's body.
DBs father for better or for worse decided not to let his son go and is coaching him. Donaldson is a very good ball striker, no doubt, however winning one match against one older opponent can t lead us to believe that he s ready to do that consistently yet. Donaldson is not the dominant force in juniors yet, other kids his age as we know are way ahead of him in the ITF scene. Quinzi, Rubin, Heong Chung, Kokkinakis, Ymer, Halys are all better players for now and Quinzi and Kokkimakis are consistently beating men and older players on ATP futures level.

Let s wait and see if Donaldson s win against one older player will tanslate into a consistent success on that level.
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