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Originally Posted by levy1 View Post
I just finished testing full gut at 61, 59, 50, 45. The gut will drop several pounds after playing. Could not keep control at 45 and 50. Going to try one at 55 but I have all I can use at 59 as far as controllable power and control.
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Played for 75 minutes today with my 2 new PD racquets strung with 100% VS Touch 16. Loved it! No elbow pain at all . 60lbs seems good for now (plenty of power and great control). If it loosens up in the next few days I'll try 62 lbs next.
After playing 3 matches (7 sets total) I rechecked my tension with RacketTune (iPod ap that works great!) and found that my tension had dropped 5 lbs. Funny thing is that the tension also dropped 5 lbs on my backup PD too that I haven't played with! That's a lot of tension drop and quite noticeable during play. I liked 60 much better than 55. Should I re-string at 62-65 next time??? What if I switch from VS Gut 16 to 17???
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