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Default (video) advice on serve? 17 year - old 4 star

hey guys,

I have been "modifying" my serve a little in the past weeks. I had a slight knee injury and when I came back my serve was a piece of crap so I am revamping it I guess.

I know from these videos that I need to toss the ball more out and to the right because I have the tendency to toss the ball too the left which makes me off balance.

Before my injury I had a really good serve for my age .. on a good day I would probably max out at like 115mph. On my back swing, the racquet face would be facing up instead of my hand being on top of the racquet. I have fixed this to an extent but its a work in progress. I am not swinging as hard as I usually do in the video because I was focusing on technique - not power

heres the link:

feedback appreciated..

and yes, I know I have a bad farmers tan
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