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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Okay, (slightly against my better judgement) I finally caved in and bought a PD standard.

Now I've read about half of this thread with a keen eye on strings set ups, but life is short , and I'm simply wondering what string set ups ppl eventually settled on. What did the likes of drewrafter ultimately settle on? What are ppls 'money' set ups and why - what has this provided performance-wise?

hi ross k and welcome to the PD club

ive tried a few string types but what are you looking for?????
the setup im now using and think suits the PD to a tee and makes it a lot more arm friendly is natgut/sppp poly @56/52 and it plays very well in all aspects of the court.

and from my trials with poly i would say if its a non power poly string it low 44/42 and if its a powerful poly like Yonex Poly Tour Pro ive strung at 52/50 but i will go higher next time maybe 56/54!!! and its a really good string with a softish feel for a poly with bags of power.

cheers garry

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