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Originally Posted by Don't Let It Bounce View Post
Chotobaka, did you find the LE noticeable stiffer and/or less arm friendly than the Trisys 260? Did you find them equal in feeling solid, or did the LE merely come much closer than the recent Rad OS's? Would you agree with your wife that the 260, if you can get a couple with non-distorted heads, is the preferable (if slight) first choice?
1. I found the AALE to be just as arm friendly than the 260. The layups are different so a slight difference in feel is to be expected and unavoidable.

2. Both are equally solid.

3. We have had no issues with distortion on the 260's. We did look for a long time to find as perfect examples as we could. The two 260's in her bag started out as 9/10's. We have another 260 that, while not brand new because it had been strung and hit with once or twice, is as close to NOS as you can get -- right down to the as-new bumble-bee grip and NOS original extra bumper/grommet sets.

I don't think much of recent Radical OS's. My wife does keep a LM Radical OS in her bag as a lighter alternative -- good racquet. Getting Trisys 260's in really top notch condition is becoming more and more difficult, and it seems like most for sale are 4 1/2 or 4 5/8 (which makes sense since larger grip sizes were the norm in those days). I would not hesitate to get an AALE in brand new or as-new condition at the right price. A big problem with getting a really good 260 these days is the fact that the vintage racquet specialists understandably ask for vastly inflated prices for what limited supply is available. A new LE in the correct grip size for up to $150.00 is a practical alternative, even if not quite as collectable.

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