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Originally Posted by bsiegel View Post
I'm also (god help me) considering an eagnas 300. So, where would I buy this aftermarket diablo ?

Another posit is this. I watched a strimger on the Neos 1000 yesterday and he never uses the brake. He swings the tension head arm in line and pulls. Are the Gamma tension heads on an independent arm or must you rotate the turntable (racket) ? Is the new Neos 1500 on a fixed arm ? Advantage to the older Neos1000 because you can independently swing the tension head about ?
And last one, I'm into retro rackets. Does smaller head size mean more hassle with a Gamma 6400 six point, cause holes closer on these rackets ?

Thanks a million
The arm on a NEOS will not swing. I never use the brake on my Gamma either when I pull tension.

I did a quick Google search and could find an aftermarket diablo either. But a few years back there was a guy mention in RSI selling them. There have been others that made their own. You should be able to buy one from Wise and make it fit your gripper. There are two bolts going throughs you gripper to hold it together. Get longer bolts and make a new hole if one does work and mount it.
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