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Default Indiana Pickle and the USTA Chronicles

In honor of the (in)famous J011yroger, i'm starting a blog of my first foray in to the world of USTA tennis.

First i'll start with a bit about myself and my goals.

I picked up tennis my last year of high school and played recreational in college. I joined the tennis club at my university and was voted President my senior year. I assure you i was not voted president for my tennis prowess, but rather my ideas and execution of expanding the club and making tennis more enjoyable for everyone, from the competitive players on the club team that participated in USTA tennis on campus to people that just wanted to learn and everyone in between.

I've made a lot of friends, learned a lot about tennis, and even more about life along the way. Now that i'm a tax-paying, working stiff, tennis is more than a hobby. It is my escape from life. Don't get me wrong, i don't hate my job at all, rather i really like it but that's not to say they're aren't times where i want to kill someone or don't come home with a massive headache. But as my dad told me, "Mike, welcome to the real world."

Thanks to the help of friends, some of which are active members of this board, i feel i've improved my game to the point where i can compete in tournaments. So here are my goals, short-term, long-term,...:

1) have fun - the number one reason i play (probably the easiest and hardest thing, subjectively to achieve - "fun" doesn't mean the same thing to everyone). I will say winning does make tennis MORE fun for me.

2) improve - as i stated above, i feel i've improved but there is always something i think i can do better. i want to be the best i think i can be. i'm not going to win the us open, i may never win an open tournament, i may just be a recreational hack, i just want to be able to look back and say i tried my best.

3) play usta tournaments

none lol

11/23 Long Beach 4.0 Singles
11/26 Alley Pond Open Singles

(tbd) Rockville Racquet Holiday Tournament

4) play a usta league
-Fall 2012 flex league - 3-1 to date (11/14/12)
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