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Default Re-Cap

I need to start somewhere so i joined a 4.0 flex league. I figured this to be a simple way to accomplish this. To my understanding, flex leagues and tournaments, the competition is a weaker because player generally play up. As opposed to usta leagues where sandbagging and all other types of shenanigans take place, for whatever reasons.

So far so good, i'm 3-0 and i'll give a little recap of the matches. Because i won, i'll brag about it and if i had lost i would suppress it and sit on my couch and watch Seinfeld reruns in my stained t-shirt and sweatpants eating cookies & cream ice cream until i was convinced it never happened).

match 1 - unrated - 6-3 6-3

Of anyone i have ever met or played, i would say we are the most similar in terms. tall, kind of rangy, about my age. In the first set there were a lot of long rallies, mostly where i kept the ball to his backhand because i felt he couldn't hurt me from there. He didn't serve well, probably gave me 2 games worth of doubles and that was the difference in the set. In the second set he battened down the hatches on serve, although i broke his first 2 service games to take the lead, if felt much closer. He started running around his bh much more and put more air under the ball, so i took this opportunity to take him cross court and forced a few errors from just making him move. The one disappointing thing i took from this match was i failed to close it out on serve at 5-1. I was not getting any free points on serve and really had to grind. This to me shows the most when things get tight at the end. I have no Mariano Rivera to close the door. This number one on my list of things to improve.
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