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Default Recap (continued)

match 2 - unrated - 6-2 6-0

played an older gentleman that mostly plays doubles at a club. Said he wanted to play some singles. He hit some aggresive shots, but i felt like could get to everything and eventually he would miss. and i did and he did. could definitely tell he was getting more frustrated as the match went on.

match 3 - 3.5 - 6-3 7-5

I was looking forward to play him, i lost to him in a holiday club tournament last december. i don't remember the exact score but i'm pretty sure i was bageled in 2nd set, so like 2 & 0. Oddly enough i didn't feel like i was out of my league, but gave him way too much, stupid errors and too many double faults.

From the warm up, honestly he was better than i remembered him being lol. his fh had a nice kick, his bh looked solid, and his serve was strong. his forehand was a real weapon, and i didn't remember this from last time because i didn't keep enough balls in play to see it. I knew wasn't going to win just waiting for him mess up. When i had the opportunity, i had to take control. i did enough on serve to hold to 4-3. With the help of a couple double faults, i got the break and then served it out.

From the start of the second set i could see he wasn't just going to let me work over his backhand. anything that i left short or didn't get good direction on was pummeled inside-out, out of reach or leaving me at a serious disadvantage. He still couldn't get anything going on serve so we traded breaks to 3-3, opposite of the first set. Then he held and i for the first time felt some pressure. that being the 3rd set being decided by a super tie breaker and if it came down to his serve vs mine, i was in trouble. i held, then he held again. at 4-5 he had 2 set points, which i was able to make good serves on and escaped. i think he got tight and i got the break with just some bad unforced errors by him. surprisingly i held at love to close it out.

After the match we spoke a bit, and he said he was on a 3.5 team last year and they went to nationals. nobody was bumped up in the pre-ratings, but they've decided they're going to start a 4.0 team and if i wanted to join. they base out of a club that's 5 minutes away from my house and he's a cool guy so it sounds good to me. I wonder how a 3.5 nationals team will fare moving up to 4.0?
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