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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Let me try it this way:

Let's say someone claimed that women sprinters are lightyears ahead of male sprinters. They support this claim by pointing out that women's world record for the 100 meters is 10 seconds, but the best 80+ male sprinter does 100 meters in 14 seconds. So women are faster sprinters than men.

That would be *stupid,* right?
In "USTA adult mixed doubles", this 80 year old male sprinter could very well go up against a 17 year old female from Uganda, in which case she would beat him by 0-4 which would be "light years" ahead of him in terms of tennis and in the context of this thread.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Well, you are claiming that a male 2.5 is lightyears ahead of a 3.5 woman. When everyone chortled at this, you say the male is national level whereas the woman is an overweight senior. Don't you see why this is fooling no one?
If you read that as "any 2.5 male is far superior to any 3.5 female" then I really have nothing else to say to you. There's a reason why "spot" made my ignore list and you're pushing that threshold too. You're either really stupid for interpreting it that way, or you're just pretending. Either way, its these types of shitnanigans that turn me off from this forum.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Why you keep bringing up the Caribbean male 3.0 team that competed at nationals is beyond me. I mean, who cares? We all know that players at Nationals are usually at the top of their rating level and as much as 1-2 levels higher.

So if that 2.5 adult league nationals player is well ahead of his own "class", how do you think that transposes to the adult mixed arena? Very well in fact.

Who cares?

They're computer rated players. All of them.

The whole argument of "B" rated players are better than everyone else was shot down earlier this year. Hopefully your "I wanna see a C rated player..." type arguments will run out of air soon.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Anyway, if we are going to compare apples to apples, I think you would agree with me that your 3.5 woman at nationals is lightyears stronger than your 2.5 man at nationals. Right?
Yes, considering that age and type of game played are not a factor.

A 3.5 super senior female "doubles specialist" would not be "light years" ahead of a 2.5 adult league man in singles, but since these two will never play each other in adult league due to (probably) age and (definitely) gender they cannot be compared.

If you take a 3.5 female adult league national level singles player and put her against a 2.5 adult league national level singles player, she would definitely be well ahead of him.
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."
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