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More then likely he is feeling some kind of weird pressure ,why ? i dont know but one thing for sure i will be spending a lot of time in Fl. over the next 3 months and i am gonna have a lot of time to myself so i will be visiting a bunch of spots where TCF may be trainging a future star and i have to get it on video and hopefully i can get and interview from him also .
i have to thanx Tenniscp for his great mind and his ability to point me in the right direction to meet up with my good friend .
#1 coach....I hope you'll get to finally meet and chat with him. I don't think it is necessary for the board to see his daughter's video. It is between you and him. I would err on respect people's privacy ie. would not want anyone to videotape my kids without my permission.

Hope you guys could spend sometimes together there. You are perfect for each other. Couldn't believe that after all these've never met !?!

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