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Ok getting really excited now.....the new steam 99s is really exciting....first playtest of the stick I have ever seen calls it a game changer:

playtest 99s 2013

Now to the 2013 Steam 99s

Head size 99

Strung Weight 11.3 oz / 320 grams

Unstrung 10.7oz / 304 grams

Length 27

Balance 2 pts HL

String Pattern 16M x 15C

The racquet has 360 Amplifeel handle for more power and Dampening.

the Story.

Ok so I'm sitting there listening to marketing materials.  Waiting to get on Court to test the racquet. Wilson explains that they test the RPMs of the ball using a Doppler radar  that was designed for golf originally and was transformed to tennis. the Doppler radar accurately counts the RPM for the ball  when hit with spin.

Now here comes the fun. the Counter play test racquet was a popular racquet with a player who may or may not be injured with knee problems currently.  They gave me that racquet "air bolate" ( hehe) & i got about 2900 RPM with the Counter test racquet. my score of 2900 was higher than everyone there even the other players and coaches who used the steam 99s.  Then they gave me the steam 99s and I got a 10% increase in Spin 3190 RPMs. my fastest shot was 85 MPH all forehands steam & air o BABYlatte.   Now think... with a 10% increase of spin I was able to hit the ball Higher Deeper with more consistency, How will this help you, just imagine that you get 10% better, how much more can you win.

This racquet will be a major game changer for allot of tennis players male female & Juniors in 2013.

Now what sold me on this racquet isn't the marketing from Wilson, & not me being a Wilson guy. What Sold me  was a miss hit that i made with the Steam 99s, that I was able to pull back in on the baseline using the steam 99s.

Ex. or what happened with the miss hit.

I had a shot where i didn't get close enough to the ball. I have a whipping trick that helps me add spin and pull the ball down and in sometimes. However this situation felt like one of those times where the ball will be just out and sail little long and it didn't to my surprise. The ball took a heavy curve down to hit the baseline.

I was thinking WOW i need a Tour version heavy like my Prostaff 90's. Wilson guys said no i cant have one and they will not make one, but i can lead tape it. ;'-( (boo hoo). 

I feel that if i can get a 10% percent increase of spin on my ball i will make less errors, if i make less errors I will win more ( now all the Wilson marketing makes sense cause that's their marketing this year lol aka win more )

if you would like to order early or have more questions about how to string the racquet or anything related to the 2013 line ups for Wilson let me know. thanks for your time


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