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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
You have a nice serve kid. Leave your left hand up longer, , really relax your wrist during your takeback and go for more trunk/shoulder turn..
Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
your back foot moving back and front instead of just front. Don't think it is wrong or inefficient
Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Looks like you're still growing, and quite a bit too.
You feet stance is well closed, but you twist your torso to face the opponent. Instead, force your toss out to the right, turning your shoulders away from the target, to allow a more lined up neutral stance. This will help later with quicker recovery, and less need for athletics to recover for the return. Obviously, nice swing.
yep, im still growing in the past year or so I have grown a handfull of inches, and trying to gain weight is almost impossible due to my metabolism and the amount I am playing. My percent body fat is like 5.1%

And I am sure your daughter will have a great serve! What I have learned is I feel you cant teach someone (especially a junior) a motion all at once. Like building blocks, one step after they master the previous. It would be very fundamentally hard to teach someone a complex serve in a year

and thanks for the responses guys..

so these are the things I took from the responses and on my own

1) keep left hand up a little longer

2) toss more in front and to the right to explode into the court

3) [something I noticed] after the swing during the follow through my left arm is out.. when I watch pro videos, I notice that they all tuck their arm in. My best guess is balance and maybe a little extra torque.

4) bring foot back a little more.. not just behind me

5) turn torso (shoulders) a little more so I do not open them to early and lose power

6) relax my wrist a little more
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