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I cant say for the ps85 (wish i could!)
But I tried that in my k90 once, and got better cushioning for the hand, and overall feel of the racquet is what you could expect, it became a little more head heavy in feeling, not by much. It made the forehand a bit deeper in court, a bit slower headspeed made the serve a little slower too, but better for kick, again not by much, more a question of feeling than actual results, ended up by licking the racquet with a leather grip and an over grip again for more headlight balance and better touch. power went down by a notch compared to just the synthetic grip, but i can do everything else with less effort.

for a ps85 i might not be such a drama, as the newer version swingwheight is in the 320's so you might get better plow and still keep the frame manouverable.

not experimented, just an opinion
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