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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
While at the doc today (for what turned out to be strained ligaments in my kmee) he fussed at me for my lack of flexibility...something that I haven't had in the 45 years I've been on this Earth. He said if I didn't increase my flexibility (he suggested yoga) I would continue to have knee and hip problems.

Now that I've been this close to torn ligaments, maybe it's about time I actually worked on my flexibility.

So what's the best (hopefully easy) way to increase flexibility?


If you start doing a few stretches AFTER your tennis practice (or even any time, if you don't play tennis), your flexibility will slowly get better and better. It's not fun in the beginning, because it doesn't feel comfortable and it hurts a bit. Afterwards, you feel like a king though. This is my stretching routine that I do every day after tennis. You can hold the poses shorter or longer, depending how much time you want to spend. It takes about 10-20 minutes.

You can also add self-myofascial release into your training regimen and it will further speed up the process of becoming flexible. And/or you can get deep tissue massage. It is going to hurt, but eventually it will feel great. Just stick with it. Remember that even 5 minutes of doing a little bit is better than nothing.
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