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Originally Posted by akamc View Post
isilra, you are more likely to develop golfer's elbow.
LeeD, Federer's and Nadal's elbows seem fine and they straight-arm. I guess it's a matter of not hyper-extending, good timing, and the correct use of the larger muscles (legs and core).
I think Fed and Rafa perfectly use the elasticity of the bigger muscles (like you say)... the arm is perfectly relaxed and as the movement of the shoulder (after the hip) goes forward, it will stretch the arm (sort of on its own) and the energy transferred effortlessly "throws" the racket into the ball. Hard to describe. But they are not trying to straighten it, it just happens. Timing acquired by practice. While you are learning you may have some discomfort here and there because different muscles working and getting maybe overused. Keep massaging all the biceps, triceps, and forearms, stretch your chest, strengthen back of the shoulder to keep it all balanced. One day you will have that forehand. I've been working on it for a while too, now I have it and no physical issues.
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