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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Some coach's advocate lining up your feet to the target, then preloading a twist into your torso that makes you face the side fence behind your baseline. Kinda like old Tony Roche's stance, the opposite of McEnroe's. But we might not want to copy McEnroe, with his strange styles.
Feet lined up forces you to drive straight towards the opponent. Body pre loaded allow you to unload into the serve, like a spring.
I used to serve like that, hitting some pretty big serves in A tournaments 30 years ago. But I can't find that motion as I've aged. So maybe forget that dumb idea, sorry.
I think maybe a combination of both would be nice.. When I serve like I did in the video, I feel that I get more trunk loading power by getting my hip out. But when I serve more like Roche, its hard to get a nice deep trunk twist before exploding into the shot. If I combine both, it feels better because I can get my momentum going into the court while still having a good load
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