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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
you´re basically asking about the ´under-achievers´, right?
players who didn´t fulfill their talent?
don't argue what "top" is. just post names. the underachiever question: well kind off but great strokes and ability are not always the same. if you have great strokes but you move like a slug then you technically didn't underachieve. so this is about great strokes but not really the results that correspend with that whatever that means.

I also think arazi was a good choice. he was kinda short but he had a great touch. also his fellow countryman el aynaoui (sp?) was a very nice player with powerfull strokes (legendary match with Arod). I'm not sure if he was top20 but I don't care. I think he could have done a little more with his strokes.
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