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[QUOTE=bsiegel;6978855]I'm also (god help me) considering an eagnas 300. So, where would I buy this aftermarket diablo ?

I have just finished making a Diablo for my crank stringer. Its branded Pro-Kennex but is in fact an Eagnas-700, which is very similar to an Eagnas-300. It was very straight forward to make and attach onto the angled support arm that the gripper pivots off. Found a pully with a nice profile for about $5 or so, and it is definitely nicer to string now with the Diablo fitted. I managed to position the pulley ok so that I still retained the 360-degree rotation, and i did trim away a bit of unnecessary metal off the throat mount bracket so that I can still get a close direct pull on the throat strings.

So no reason why you cant make your own if you do get the 300. I can post some pics if you have interest.
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