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It changes the sport. There is no question you could help a player with some coaching. But as it is now, our sport greatly favors a player who can think for himself and keep self motivated for every point and doesn't need somebody else to tell him to hustle, not give up, change tactics, etc.)
It does change the sport, sort of like changing the compression on the ball so they don't bounce as high or changing the dimensions of the court. I think allowing coaching a changeovers for younger age divisions would be a positive change in line with those changes. Some kids just learn differently from others, and for those who the strategic element doesn't come easily as it does to others, there is no substitution for relatively immediate feedback that match coaching can provide. With younger kids, going to them after a match and trying to get them to recall a point or game to discuss what there strategy was or how it could have been different can be sort of futile in a lot of cases.
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