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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I don't get it.
How can you people, very knowledgeable about calories and rate, lump all tennis play the same?
Don't some of you play 30 shot points? Running back and forth, lunging, and trying real hard? Is that the same caloric burn of one serve and a miss?
I've played sets and matches that barely get my heartrate up at all.
I've played half a game that had me dragging and crying "UNCLE" from my exertion and cardio overload.
There is a difference!
I said it's approximately correct when I do one hour drills. With drills I mean having 50+ balls rallies, as we don't miss and the heart rate is up all the time. I also said that if the exertion is not the same (aka playing sets, or your "serve and miss") then one has to adjust the numbers. I guess we are saying the same thing, LeeD...
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