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Default Babolat to Wilson

I have been playing with the Aero Pro Team when I learned they would be discontinued. I want to switch to a Wilson because my academy gives good deals on Wilson rackets if you're a player for them, which I am, and would like some insight on a good racket to switch to.

I'm looking for a control oriented racket that also generates a good amount of spin and is also light enough for me, a 14u player, to get good racket head speed and accelerate through. For example, I find the Pro Drive to be too heavy for me to get full acceleration on the ball.

I've tried a Steam racket, a Juice 100 and Pro (which I both greatly disliked) and the Blade Lite, which was the best of the three for me, but was not perfect. I will hopefully be trying the Blade 98 soon. Any suggestions?
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