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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Hope you don't mind me bugging you again....
One thing that got me some success in higher level tourneys was practice ideas....we practiced the full motion on our serves, and not stopped after hitting our serves to watch it.
Meaning, when we practiced serves, we'd followthru and head for the service line, stop, and start a splitstep, not necessarily doing one. This forces us to finish our serve motion, instead of watching where our ball goes, so in match play, we followthru and complete the whole motion.
If you choose to stay back and react after serving, you serve and followthru, then go right into a balanced splitstep on each and every practice serve, so you do it every time in match play.
Kinda like McEnroe, you know he's coming to net. He serves, misses, but still runs all the way to almost the service line.
Hope this helps, it might not. I don't do it, but I'm 63 and headed downhill.
No I don't mind.. I actually appreciate it, but the split step after serve sounds like a good idea or just practicing serves. Thanks for all the tips and hopefully I will see you around the forum.

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