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I agree, that Sampras put too much emphasis on his majors record, instead of other records of him, which were better imo, his 6 year reign as year end Nr. 1, his 7 Wimbledons or his 12 wins at Wimbledon - US Open. For me the 14 majors looked always beatable, regarding the long absence and percentages between majors wins and participation of players like Tilden, Borg, Gonzalez, Rosewall or Laver.
But we should give Sampras his credit- as the modern Gonzalez, possibly the best fast court player of modern times on fast grass, fast hardcourt and indoor carpet. He was a big cat, with the deadly serve and great vertical movement.
ITA on all and I also agree Sampras is the best fast court player of modern times. Peak to peak he would beat Federer more often than not on all of fast grass, fast hardcourt, and indoor carpet.
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