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Tennis was rapidly losing popularity in the US and other countries in the 90s, compared to the golden age of the mid 70s to mid 80. At the height of Sampras's dominance in May 1994, Sports Illustrated ran the cover 'is tennis dying?', and the New York Times regularly had articles of a similar theme.
Sports Illustrated and the like always complained when someone other than their favorites was dominating or even on top. One example of this is people complained in the Seles absence due to stabbing years it was boring since Graf was too dominant, and that she had no real rival. Yet Graf won only 6 of 10 and 6 of 9 slams played during that period. Seles won 7 of 9 and 7 of 8 slams played from 91-early 93 before the stabbing. So Seles was in fact much more dominant the 2 and half years before the stabbing as Graf in the 2 and a half while Seles was out. Yet despite this obvious fact oddly these same people didnt complain about tennis being boring, Seles being too dominant, or Seles having no real rival (any talk of a great rivalry with Graf that period is BS as they only even played 5 matches and 3 slam matches in nearly 3 years) prior to the stabbing.

Likewise Sports Illustrated had no problems whatsoever with Navratilova's staggering 83/84 dominance, losing 3 matches in 2 years, and winning 13 matches in a row at one point, most embarassingly one sided, vs her chief "rival" Chris Evert. Nor did they have an problems with Serena's 02/03 dominance, including winning her only 5 meetings, all 5 in slam finals, vs her chief "rival" Venus. They did however complain about the dominance of Hingis in 1997, and even of Henin in late 2003/early 2004 and 2007.

So players they deem boring or just dont enjoy for whatever reason like Sampras, Graf, Lendl, Hingis they complain about being too dominant and having no real rival, even in ridiculous cases when Graf had been far outdone by Sanchez most of 94/early 95 and lost her #1 ranking to her, and they still claimed she had no rival. While players they do enjoy or find more interesting like Seles, Navratilova, McEnroe, they say absolutely nothing against even when being more dominant and having less of a real rival than the aforementioned group.
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