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^^ True but Sampras's grand slams finals in which he wasn't playing Agassi generally got pretty poor TV ratings in the US. Despite being American I doubt Sampras was anywhere as big a star or as well recognised in the US as the non-American Borg was.

The All-German Wimbledon final in 1991 got much better TV ratings than the all American final featuring Sampras. Given that Wimbledon takes place during a relative quiet period during the American sporting calendar, the TV ratings that a player generates from their Wimbledon finals in the US is a pretty good measure of how big a star they are there. And Sampras's first 5 Wimbledon finals before he faced the genuine star Agassi in 1999 all did pretty poorly.

Plus Sampras took Sports Illustrated pretty seriously and was offended when they ignored his 6th consecutive year end no. 1 finish in 1998 and especially his record 13th slam title at Wimbledon in 2000.

I agree that we have Sampras to blame (even though Lendl near the end of his career actually started it) for this 'only grand slams matter' attitude and increased focus on 'slam counting'.

His haul of 12 Wimbledon/US Open titles would probably have received even greater praise if he had played during Connors's time in the 70s for instance, when many people considered those events to be the two blue chip majors.

BTW did someone seriously post what you have in your signature. LOL I couldn't stop laughing when I read it.

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