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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
^^Sentinel, you're welcome for that photo. The universe or multiverse is truly a source of wonder, isn't it? Those documentaries that are out now are just amazing. I bet you can appreciate the concept of yugas and kalpas. See the Sun compared to other stars here. (click on the photo for full size)

I sure am grateful that our little sun is only a pixel, for the smaller they are the longer they last. Now Betelgeuse shown in that pic, is often speculated by some to have already gone supernova. However, what we see of it is what it was like 600 years back. Deneb, also in that pic, is about 1500 or more light years away , and iirc larger. I think it was the largest star we could see with the naked eye.

I use to gaze at Orion (the constellation) and Deneb and others a lot with wonderment as a kid.
Happy New Year, trolls.
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