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Originally Posted by Ms Nadal View Post
Hmmm, you could be right. I just wish that Rafa and his camp would be more honest about his situation. I mean, What is really going on?. This injury excuse is wearing thin . Rafa's fans are suffering!. I look forward to the AO either way as it is the first slam of the year and always fills me with excitement. Go Ferrer! he has played well he deserves some good fortune. I won't hold it against him.
I think the Nadal camp has been pretty honest... He's got tendinosis in his patella tendon... If you knew anything about the injury and the nature of how a tendon heals you'd understand the timetable to return from that type of injury can range from anywhere to 6-24 months... Tendons are slow to heal despite even the best medical attention currently available... The only thing he can do (short of invasive surgery) is continue to vigourosly rehab and monitor the healing progress... He may not come back until the next US Open, though I suspect the fact he's still relatively young, and diliagently devoting essentially full time towards rehabbing he'll be back between the AO and the Clay court season next year...
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