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Originally Posted by Dan007
I broke my left ankle 3 times in 2000. I was in cast for all of them. Since I was in a cast for 3 times and my left foot is a inch smaller than my right foot. This time I sprained it real bad, no fractures of broken bones. Do you wear ASO only on the foot you hurt or both? Federer use to only wear on the side where he sprained, but guys like Roddick and Hewitt wear on both sides even though they sprained only one side.

Sorry, forgot about this thread. For now, I only wear it on the ankle I've messed up. However, I think the other one might benefit from protecting it and I'm going to get it.

Here's my list:

severe sprain, rolled in college
Severe sprain, break, Fall 2005

Slight Fracture, rock climbing fall
Fracture, slap shot

The right ankle hasn't suffered any ligament damage yet (knock on wood) but I think having the second brace as a preventative measure is a smart move at this point.
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