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I expect Nadal will play the Australian Open and if he does and is semi fit he will outperform Ferrer there with atleast a semifinal, while Ferrer will lose in the quarters to one of the big 4 at best. In fact of the guys ranked 5-8 Ferrer has the least ability to beat any of the top 4, except for Djokovic and Murray (but definitely not Federer or Nadal) on a clay court only.

I also dont think such a weak (relatively speaking) player in the top 4 would be good. It would create the same unbalanced draws we see in the womens game. 3 of Murray, Nadal, Djokovic, or Federer will end up in one half, while the remaining one will end up in the half with Ferrer and have a bye to the final, with often some unknown making it out of Ferrer's section probably.

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