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It seems Sandy is a very unusual girl (Guardian):

Track direction and curvature
From a location well offshore at a latitude of 35-40N the storm turns to the northwestward to strike the US mid-Atlantic coast. There is no precedent in hurricane records extending back to 1851 of a storm at this latitude taking this path. All historical hurricanes located well offshore at this latitude have followed the jet stream and tracked in a direction between north and east.

Relative strength
Its strength for a hurricane striking the US mid-Atlantic coast in late October (which is near the end of the hurricane season).
Sandy's central pressure is currently forecast to be 945-950mb at landfall late on Monday. A pressure this low would exceed the previous record low pressure of 955mb for a hurricane landfall in this region at this time of year. It would also be close to the record low pressure of 946mb for any hurricane landfall north of Cape Hatteras; this record-holder being the 'New England' hurricane which occurred in September 1938.
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