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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Sometimes i think, if reading certain post and posters, that Rod Laver never won a thing in his career. Something of a ghost. Must be a dream, that he won 200 events in his life, that he was in all major finals (including pro majors) in the majors he played in the 60s, bar 4, that he won 11 out of 19 classic majors played in the 60s, that he had the best amateur year of all time, the best pro year and the best open year in history, that he had clear positive records against all contemporaries, most of them hall of famers, and even if they were younger 6 or 7 years. Must be a dream.
Sometimes I think, if reading certain posts and posters, that Rod Laver's career is beyond scrutiny. I mean, why even bother discussing it at all? Everyone who ever lived knows he's the best player ever, and all GOAT discussions, including this thread, are moot.
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