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Originally Posted by kimguroo View Post
Agree too. records show he changed his endorsements whoever pays more.
Adidas to ST
ST to Uniqlo
Wilson to Head
Head to ???

Racket might not be same situation like Apparel endorsements though, Since Apparel does not make him playing better tennis hahaha. Changing racket might need to have adjustment periods and no one wants to waist any time in their career. realistically Wilson, Head and Babolat might be the company who might be able to offer the decent contract to ND. I will be very surprised if Yonex even try to offer any contract to ND. I think rest of racket companies won't be able to make any offer to ND. Wilson and Babolat already have many endorsements so Head might be the front runner.
Business is business so his management will be big part of this game. will see who will be willing to spend extra $$$.
Silly guy! Who in their right mind would go for more money if there is an opportunity?!

Anyway, how do you know the terms of his previous contracts??? My understanding is that UNIQLO did not really give him more than ST per contract terms, however, ST miscalculated the bonuses and could not pay...
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