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Although I don't think there are any changes in the near future, I think coaching between sets should be allowed up to and including the 12s, then none thereafter. At the younger ages, there is a lot to be developed/learned and I think it would help raise the level over all. Just an opinion.
Coaching is allowed in some Junior Team tennis and School team tennis matches during changeover. I think it is helpful for kids to learn strategies and help them improve faster. These juniors compete in a team format so each team has 1 or 2 designated coaches.

For an individual junior competing in a USTA sanctioned tournament, not every junior can have a coach or his/her parent cannot coach therefore creates an unfair edge for the opponent.
IMO, coaching allowed during changeover especially for a young player will definitely help them learn and progress faster.

To setup practice matches with coaching or get young juniors to play team tennis (and get your local JTT coordinator to allow coaching) for these players will definitely help them grow.

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