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Thread revival!

A while back, there was a TT thread that had pics of a repressurization chamber for tennis balls using a corny keg. I wanted to try this, as I have a basket of very decent (but flat) Penn balls that I would like to use for serve practice.

First, I got a $30 used corny keg from craig's list of goodness. It's a Pepsi-style keg, and I got a tap and gas fitting for the keg from my local homebrew supply store ($9 each). The keg holds roughly 60 balls.

Next, I got a length of 1/4" ID plastic tube that's reinforced for pressure ($2) and two hose clamps ($3! for tiny hose clamps?) from my local hardware store.

Last, I got a Schrader valve (bike tube valve, basically) with threads from an auto supply store for $2.

I heated the tubing up on one end with a hair dryer to make it soft, and then inserted the Schrader valve, then clamped.

I pressurized the keg to 30psi. I heard some thumps inside the chamber - either popped balls or collapsed balls. We'll see in a week or so what's up.

One last thing - eye protection! Pressure vessels + DIY = explosion risk.

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