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Can someone either direct me to another post that they know or else share their experiences with low tensions (30 lbs or so) on gut/poly hybrids? I'm going to be using it in a Wilson Prostaff BLX 90 (Federer) frame. Thanks!
Doesn't work. The gut is waaaay too powerful and doesn't offer enough control.

Originally Posted by ushynoti View Post
Doesn't Federer string at like 48 lbs and has a gut/poly blend? I can understand the lack of snap back, which I guess is supposed to be the advantage, but I just didn't want too stiff a stringbed where there's no feel...
It's been answered many, many, times before, but unless you're prepared to constantly cut your strings out every couple of hours, Fed is a poor comparison. What he does as a pro with a constant stream of freshly strung racquets available to him has no applicability to you. Also gut/Alu at around 50lbs CP isn't stiff or uncomfortable, well, not when the Alu is fresh anyway. Firm side of crisp when hitting flatter, and different variations of buttery crisp depending on how much top you put on the ball. Gut/Alu is sublime but out of the reach of us mortal folk in terms of a standard, regular string combo.

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