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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Silly guy! Who in their right mind would go for more money if there is an opportunity?!

Anyway, how do you know the terms of his previous contracts??? My understanding is that UNIQLO did not really give him more than ST per contract terms, however, ST miscalculated the bonuses and could not pay...
Ha. there is no silliness for this kind of thread.
no one knows about actual ND's contract. we only guess/speculate his contract. I felt that if ND is loyal to certain company, he might take less money to stay. Especially, I don't understand Adidas to ST. Adidas and ND lunched ND's own brand then ND went ST... this incident strongly indicates that ST offered more money. Also If uniqlo does not give more money than ST, Why he signed with Uniqlo instead of restructuring contract with ST?
there is so many things no one can answer perfectly unless someone worked for these contracts. Just don't act like you know everything.
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