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Default Chris and/or Carol - Dunlop F3.0 Tour Question

Chris and/or Carol,

It seems like both of you felt the Dunlop Bio F 3.0 Tour is an excellent racquet and seems to be an improvement over the previous version.

I noticed that both of you were also involved in the Biomimetic 400 Tour review.

Could either (or both) of you give a comparison of the Bio 400 Tour and the new F3.0 Tour?

I am also taking a close look at the Donnay XDual Gold 99.

I've demoed numerous racquets (Bio 200 Lite/BLX Blade 98 twice each) over the past year but the sticks I've played with are: Wilson BLX Pro Open '12, Dunlop AG 4D 200 Tour, Dunlop AG 4D 300 non-Tour, and Babolat Pure Drive Cortex. The only 18x20 I've ever used for any length of time was the LM Radical MP.

I guess I'm looking for something with the feel/control of the 200 Tour combined with the power/spin of the BLX Pro Open (or PDC). ie: the perfect racquet

Any comparisons to other racquets would be greatly appreciated.


Background info: I'm a 4.0 (4.5 when healthy) baseliner, heavy spin (top and slice) off both sides, strength=backhand, weakness=1st serve, prefer singles (but more and more am asked to play doubles), beat opponents by keeping the ball in play until they make a mistake or until I get a short backhand to put away
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