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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Carsomyr, You just should go to the record books and look at the pro majors won by Laver, Rosewall and others. That's a good measure for hypothetical open majors.
I'm aware of how many pro majors they won, and no, that's not a very good indicator of how many Grand Slams tournaments they would have won. It's apples and oranges.

It's true that Laver and Rosewall would "steal" major titles from each other but they were so strong and steady that they still would have won enough to reach that 18 majors mark.

If you consider both amateur and pro majors you can see that very seldom an outsider has won a major. Only Mal Anderson is an example for a winning outsider.

Aren't you the guy who says that Federer and Nadal are weak-era champions? If Rosewall and Laver are the only ones winning anything, how is that better, exactly?

Newcombe won open majors only after Laver and Rosewall were on decline. And yet Laver and Rosewall plus old Gimeno won eight out of the first ten open era majors where they participated!
Newcombe was still playing amongst the amateurs in 1967. Given all the speculation that Laver would have adapted sooner if the Open Era had occurred many years earlier, I think it's fair to assume that players like Newcombe and Ashe would have, too.

This from a non-open-minded poster....
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