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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Of course he would lose some slams from 60-62 in that scenario, but he would gain many more slams in 64-67 when he would have been the dominant player and won most of them, than he would have lost from 60-62. All that is already taken into account when people do their estimates, and the estimates of virtually all experts have Laver, Rosewall, Gonzales all winning 18 or more.
Okay, I'll play this game. Let us only consider the pro-level Slams, you can't have both the Amateur Grand Slams and the pro-Slams.

Number of pro-Slams every year = 3
Laver won = 8
If there were 4 pro-Slams, how many would Laver have won, going by the same win ratio (which is more than generous) : [8 x (4/3)] = [32/3] = 11 (again being generous)

Grand Slams won in the Open Era = 5

Total pro-level Slams won, had he had 4 pro-Slams every year is estimatedly 11+5=16. 16<17.
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