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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
In Australia, the dark shale clay, referred to in Australia as "hardcourt", was traditionally the most common surface, cheaper to build and maintain than grass, so the great generation of Aussie players, Sedgman, Hoad, Rosewall, Emerson, Cooper, Anderson, Laver, Newcombe, Roche, grew up playing on "hardcourt" clay.
This explains why the Australian players did so well on the European clay court circuit, and won so many French and Italian titles.
The Americans, especially the Californians, grew up playing on fast cement, and were at a disadvantage on the European clay.
The Australian Hardcourt Championship was a major national title in Australia.
I didnīt really know it although now that youm mention it, Laver in his book also mentioned some bricky courts aroun Rockhampton and the Queensland, where he grew up, and so did Emerson.You might be right but, then again, why thereīs never been a great cc event there? why did Australians chose the Sidney Indoors on carpet to be the second biggest tournament?
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