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[QUOTE=kiki;6982592]I like to see a Rosewall supporter that gives Laver full credit.Good for you, bobbyone.[/QUOTE

Thanks, kiki.

Even though I'm a Rosewall fan that does not mean at all that I diminish the great achievements of the other greats! And Laver is arguably the greatest of all!

I never was a biassed Rosewall fanatic as NDQ and Limpinhitter have insinuated.

In my calculations Laver would have won 19 open majors, Rosewall 24 , Gonzalez 25 and Tilden 27 or even more.

Laver has achieved the very greatest feat in winning three Grand Slams.

These four are my GOAT candidates because of their huge accomplishments, their playing strength and their "genius" game (touch and skills).

And, to do Dan a favour, I do believe that Hoad on his best day would have beaten all of them.

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