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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
The 200 definitely. It hits a monster ball, with good comfort and it shouldn't bother anywhere on your body. I actually own all the frames you are comparing as well, and in my opinion the 200 is a stick you can play well with from 3.5-open. The PSL is pretty demanding and it doesn't have the same ability to really punish the ball like the 200 does for a rec level player.

The PS90 is a 90. Really, I dont see any point in playing with a mid unless that's what you are used to. I used Prestige mid's for over a year, and frames like that are too demanding IMO to be used to benefit your game.

I believe you are still trying to improve your game? If so, play with whatever gives you the most wins. My comments are just generalizations from my experiences. If you are only playing recreationally without wanting to improve past your current level, then just play with whatever you have the most fun with!

Yeah because, the hitting area between a 90 and a 95 is monumental. If you frame a shot/hit offcenter with a 90, you're going to do the same with a 95, and vice versa.

Don't let the "90" scare you off, the weight and balance of these types of racquet will really emphasize on good technique and timing, so it's the racquet with the most "upside".

And please, 90 is demanding? People grew up with the 85 find the 90 a gift.
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