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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Yeah because, the hitting area between a 90 and a 95 is monumental. If you frame a shot/hit offcenter with a 90, you're going to do the same with a 95, and vice versa.

Don't let the "90" scare you off, the weight and balance of these types of racquet will really emphasize on good technique and timing, so it's the racquet with the most "upside".

And please, 90 is demanding? People grew up with the 85 find the 90 a gift.
LOL! I love the sarcasm, it actually made me laugh!

Well really, you're proving my point here. If you grew up using a mid size, then totally stick with it. If you didn't spend thousands of house grooving to a mid, what advantages does it truly offer over something with a bit more "free" pop. (Before you talk about the KPS88 having extreme power, I agree with you) but really, most player frames are too demanding for MOST people in the 3.0-4.0 range. Exactly like you said, they place emphasises on good technique and timing, which a lot of mid ranked NTRP players don't exactly have.

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