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This is exactly my opinion, too.Hoad, on a good day is arguably the best ever tennis machine.I donīt think there has ever been a better quarter than that of 63 or 64, with laver and Rosewall at their peak, and Gonzales and Hoad, for different reasons, not at their peak but able to beat anybody on their good days.

I liked a lot the big four of the early 80īs and the early 90īs, but I cannot immagine more talent per square inch than that of 63 to 65.

Myself I admire Laver but I have a great feeling for Rosewallīs is hard for me, it is like being asked if you love mom more than dad or the other way back, because I have had the privilge of watching both Laver and Rosewall and it is like listening to the best ever R&R band and the best ever jaz Quarter.

Laver was Led Zeppelin and Rosewall the Miles Davis quarter.I enjoy both.
As I am a classic fan, Laver and Rosewall are to me like Schubert and Beethoven...Tilden and Gonzalez like Bach and Mozart...

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