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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
Really so 2012 is not up to date. Thats funny your first example is from 2009, so even though mine is from the beginning of 2012 it is out dated. I guess that all the players have changed their tension since the AO. They must have been reading about the low tension craze here and have all changed and dropped tension.
Latest Update: Australian Open/Davis Cup 1st Round – January/February 2012

lmao are you just stupid or are you unable to accept critrism? this list is total ******** ask any pro stringer on this forum everyone will tell you that its wrong. thats the list from colinthestringer websitre right? gratz that you were able to copy and paste it, but do you actually know its right? no you dont so shut the **** up.
i mean come on up to date? when there are pros mentioned who didnt touch a racquet for ages lol? even the recent players are drastically wrong, tommy haas uses gut poly hybrid in the 50's or serena uses 4g hybrid and not full gut etc etc ....
just shut it if you only copy from a website which you dont even know properly the whole list is ********
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