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Something that trully wonders me is how in such a small window of time (10 to 15 years) emerged numerous goat contenders (Laver, Rosewall, Gonzalez, Hoad, Kramer, etc), at least according to some posters here. So we have to believe that in a sport that has a history of over 150 years, the majority of the greatest players were from the 50`s and 60`s. Yes, this sounds pretty logical if you ask me. Even more logical taking into account how much has "decreased" the number of players worldwide in the last 50 years....gimme a break, would you? For the record, i do believe that the best from any era would find the way to excel on any other era, but this "all things from the past were better" kind of reasoning is getting beyond ridiculous. You won`t win a debate against a 5 year old with this crap
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