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Originally Posted by ben123 View Post
lmao are you just stupid or are you unable to accept critrism? this list is total ******** ask any pro stringer on this forum everyone will tell you that its wrong. thats the list from colinthestringer websitre right? gratz that you were able to copy and paste it, but do you actually know its right? no you dont so shut the **** up.
i mean come on up to date? when there are pros mentioned who didnt touch a racquet for ages lol? even the recent players are drastically wrong, tommy haas uses gut poly hybrid in the 50's or serena uses 4g hybrid and not full gut etc etc ....
just shut it if you only copy from a website which you dont even know properly the whole list is ********
Okay so this list is wrong but a list that you agree with is right ya I got it. How about this list there know it all.

Wimbledon 2012

Serena Williams - Wilson Blade Team - Wilson Natural Gut / Luxilon 4G - 64/62 lbs - 74 restrings
Mike Bryan - Prince Rebel - Prince Natural / Prince Beast - 50/47 lbs - 36 restrings
Bob Bryan - Prince Rebel - Prince Natural / Prince Beast - 50/46 lbs - 35 restrings
Petra Kvitova - Wilson Steam - Luxilon Alu Power - 27/25 kg - 33 restrings
Xavier Malisse - Prince Tour - Babolat FiberTour - 29 kg - 33 restrings
Philipp Kohlschreiber - Wilson 6.1 95 - Wilson Natural Gut / Luxilon Original Rough - 22.5/23.5 kg - 33 restrings
Radek Stepanek - Bosworth Tour - Babolat VS Team / Luxilon Timo - 24/22 kg - 30 restrings
Venus Williams - Wilson Blade Team - Wilson Natural Gut / Babolat VS Team - 63/62 lbs - 30 restrings
Marin Cilic - Head Instinct - Babolat VS Touch / Luxilon Alu Power - 26 kg - 28 restrings
Kei Nishikori - Wilson Steam - Luxilon 4G / Wilson Natural Gut - 58/60 lbs - 26 restrings

Also here is a post from one of the pro stringers from this site.

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Not to mention, not that many pros are going real low with tension - maybe 5 to 10% are, but they are the exception. The pro events I string at still see most racquets being asked to be strung from about 55 to 64 pounds. Both poly and gut and syn gut/multi's included.

So what do you have to say now there Mr big mouth that has no idea what the hell you are talking about. It is hilarious that you can accuse someone of being stupid.LOL

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